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Friends of Oolors

Friends of Oolors

Have you spotted (OFFCUT) and (ALL-BOOK-S) in our menu bar? They're our close friends! In fact, we share the same parent company - Allegro Print Pte Ltd, so we're like siblings (refer to 'What's After* Print' for additional context).


Neither of them has a dedicated platform, except for being featured on @allegro_print's social media. We've decided to bring them onto our website since we offer similar (Lifestyle) products, and we want to make it official by introducing them to everyone in this post.

Allegro Print is a creative production house based in Singapore that has been providing quality printing services for over a decade and a half. We are proud to offer a wide range of services and brands, from offset and digital printing, to intricate production finishes. Our paper products are designed in-house, and we have successfully produced countless award-winning projects for our clients.

OFFCUT is an initiative by Allegro Print to reduce paper waste and repurpose waste paper from our print production process.

Excess space within a print job is utilised to minimise actual offcuts in production, creating our own stationery designs. Inevitable paper waste is repurposed into refreshed stationery.


Learn more about the concept and the methods used, check out this video:
Allegro Print are the first printer in Singapore to open its own retail store, the ‘Paper Thrift Store’, through where OFFCUT products are introduced to the public, and where you can also find ALL-BOOK-S and Oolors available for in-person purchase.
By interacting directly with the public, we hope to inspire them to look at waste from a new perspective - that with some imagination and creativity, you can breathe new life into it just as we have by repurposing waste paper into affordable and thoughtfully designed products, without compromising quality.


After just one year of launching the OFFCUT initiative, we achieved recognition by winning the SG Good Design Award 2021 in the Sustainable Design category. Additionally, we received the G Mark, Good Design Award 2021 in Japan in the Stationery and Office Supplies category.

Oolors has now become the exclusive online retailer for OFFCUT products, offering the complete product range, including special collaboration items that you won't find anywhere else.

OFFCUT have engaged in various exciting pop-up events and collaborations. To discover more, simply see OFFCUT Press Kit.

ALL-BOOK-S is an online bookshop that brings together an exclusive collection of books only printed by Allegro Print.

We strive to provide opportunities for those who have printed with us to showcase and distribute their work. In 2022, ALL-BOOK-S made its debut at the Singapore Art Book Fair (SGABF), and the following year, we participated again bringing our books offline.

Our book collection stands out as it features publications from independent publishers, artists, and designers, in Singapore which can be difficult to locate in mainstream bookstores due to their specialized focus.

Using offset printing makes more sense when we need to print a lot of copies. However, when we work with independent artists, they often prefer to print fewer copies because they worry about not having enough space to store them and not having many places to sell them.


The concept behind ALL-BOOK-S is to inspire artists to produce more copies of their work. We extend our support in selling and showcasing their creations, particularly at art book fairs. Additionally, this project serves as a showcase of our printed book portfolio that we can share with others.


With ALL-BOOK-S on Oolors online shop, you can find books of different genres (a lot from our local talents) and it will continue to grow as a collection.


We also have two other close friends/siblings, Allegro Print and LayerPlay, which are primarily service-oriented brands. We'll take the opportunity to delve deeper into them another day. For now, please enjoy exploring our freshly launched Oolors website and feel free to share it with others!



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