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Blast from the Past (Part 1)

Blast from the Past (Part 1)

Prior to the occurrence of After* Print, we were unaware that we had already been engaging in after print. What do we mean by that? Everything and anything beyond printing that we have explored, but still closely related to the printed matter - whether it is in pop-ups or product development or collaborations.

Part 1:
⌖ Awards 
⌖ SG Art Book Fair (Annual)
⌖ OFFCUT x Brands 
⌖ Workshops
⌖ OFFCUT x Designer Series
⌖ In-House Products (Seasonal)

Part 2:
⌖ Guest Speaker
Print Research Trip
⌖ After* Print Book Talk

As the new year begins, let's reflect on what we've accomplished so far.

1. SG & JP Good Design Award 2021

In 2021, OFFCUT manage to clinched the SG & JP Good Design Award, igniting significant interest in our endeavours and setting off a series of developments.

Evaluation from Jury Members: 
手槌 りか Rika Tetsuchi •  三宅 一成 Kazunari Miyake • 橋倉 誠 Makoto Hashikura
It is easy to use pieces of printed papers that have been thrown away simply as recycled goods. However, this product upgraded recycled goods into goods that people want. We do not have to suppress ourselves or tolerate it for the environment, and this product that people will want to use is gradually contributing to reducing the burden on the environment without us realizing it. This is an ideal upcycle.



LayerPlay also achieved the SG Good Design Award! Additionally, we secured third place in the people's choice award for OFFCUT. So in total we manage to take home three awards.

2. Singapore Art Book Fair (SGABF)

This has become a yearly tradition for us. It's the sole platform where we can directly engage with the general public and showcase our work in person.

We initially started with OFFCUT alone in 2021 (as shown in the left picture). From 2022 onwards, we included ALL-BOOK-S (the picture on the right depicts last year’s SGABF 2023).

This year, we're excited to introduce Oolors - featuring quirky stationery items sourced from overseas, never seen before, and available for both online and offline retail.

3. OFFCUT x Brands

As OFFCUT began to gain momentum, our clients from Allegro Print expressed interest in collaborating on products and hosting pop-ups. Additionally, brands from outside began to seek collaborations with us. Here are a few examples.

→ RE: Purpose. Imagine. Play. (2021)

Our debut pop-up event featured our creative touch in everything from identity to spatial design. This is a special collaboration with In Good Company (IGC), incorporating all our brands, alongside with another brand – Panalogue.

What do we usually mean when we attempt to start afresh? Often enough, a dead end has been reached; a point of no return, and a completely new route needs to be found.

RE: Purpose. Imagine. Play. represents our efforts to return to this very position — and attempt to discover a new way forward with it instead. Featuring four local labels — IN GOOD COMPANY, OFFCUT, OOLORS and PANELOGUE — this space is dedicated to showcasing items that not only highlight the prevalent issues of our industries, but also the tangible, real-life possibilities that are derivable from such situations.

RE: Purpose, RE: Imagine, and RE: Play can each be seen as a visual lens for one to consider and discover the different products within the space.

We may have gone a bit overboard with the space and graphics, resulting in us wrapping up around 1:35 AM, in the early morning hours. 

→ Product Collaborations

CNY Envelopes (2021)

We designed these lucky envelopes, for IGC, made out of recycled, but quality paper that was the remnants from one of our print job.⁠
The challenge was to work with what we had left, exploring an envelope form that maximises the offcuts and utilising the print technique that we can use.

The envelope has a unique interlocking closure that’s easy enough for you to crack open (just like a fortune cookie) once the new year comes around.⁠


OFFCUT x IGC Notebook (2021)

This item was featured in our second pop-up collaboration with IGC, known as Pen to Paper (details in the following section). Allegro Print handles the printing for IGC, including their clothing tags, which are crafted from sturdy paper.

The cover, made from leftover materials from IGC's clothing tag production, features an exposed spine wrapped in mesh. Available in three sizes, each notebook is individually wrapped and sealed with a wax stamp.


Void For Creation (2023)

We're delighted that Whytespace approached us for a unique collaboration on a special product for their 2023 Christmas pop-up: 'A Very Nice Christmas'—we love the new title they've given to our 'Zero Waste Notebooks.'Further product collaborations were established, but their purpose wasn't commercial; rather, they were crafted by the design studio as gifts for specific events – we'll maintain confidentiality regarding those arrangements. 


→ Pen to Paper: A Xmas Pop-up (2021-22)

Following the success of our pop-up with IGC earlier this year, as highlighted in the RE: above, they've decided to collaborate with us again for a Christmas pop-up later in the year. This time, we'll be focusing on writing. Once more, it presents us with the chance to express our creativity, from shaping the identity to crafting the spatial design.

The text adorning the walls is all handcrafted by our creative team. Additionally, we're excited to announce our first workshop for this pop-up event, details of which will be revealed later below (4. Workshops). Thankfully, being our second pop-up, we had some prior experience, making the setup for this one much simpler. We managed to set up the space in just 1-2 hours.

Rekindle a love for writing at our collaborative Pen to Paper Pop-Up with OFFCUT — exclusively hosted at ION Orchard.

With a festive lineup of products, Pen to Paper sets to transport you back into a half-forgotten time: when letter-writing and calligraphy were lauded as the main forms of communication.

4. Workshops

At a certain point, we also delved into offering seasonal workshops, but only at the request of our collaborators. Apart from being requested to do so, we wanted to engage in this endeavour as we viewed it as a valuable opportunity to connect with the general public, enhance the appreciation of printed material, and raise awareness of the initiatives and brands we represent as a company.

Additionally, the workshops are usually conducted by our own staff members!

→ Pen to Paper: Calligraphy Workshop

Our first ever workshop took place during the Pen to Paper pop-up at IGC in Ion Orchard. We created our own calligraphy practice notepad and designed the take-away kit, complete with a furoshiki wrap printed with handwritten calligraphy designs.

→ Intro to Bookbinding Workshop

We hosted this workshop at two separate occasion. One was at Pass it On's Green House, where we actively participated as booth exhibitors, and the other occurred at a retail space in The Gallery Store by ABRY, which carries our OFFCUT, LayerPlay, and Oolors products, located within the National Gallery Singapore.

On both occasions, the workshop served as a launchpad for our products to be stocked at the respective venues.

Pass It On's Green House

Singapore's first & largest immersive retail event for local sustainable home & lifestyle brands, organised by . For their first launch of this event, they also coordinated workshops with partnering brands throughout the duration of the event.


The Gallery Story by ABRY @ NGS

We're honoured that our OFFCUT and LayerPlay products have been selected for The Gallery Story at the National Gallery Singapore (NGS). This recognition holds special significance as we gradually shift from being solely a printing company manufacturing goods to becoming a producer of our own, showcasing various brands under our umbrella.

Join us, OFFCUT by Allegro Print for a hands-on introduction to different book binding methods! You will produce five hand-crafted books using different techniques to fold and use our OFFCUT papers, which you'll take home at the end of the workshop.

→ STPI Workshop @ Allegro Print House

Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) is a close partner of Allegro Print. We have been printing many of their artist catalogues over the years. Witnessing our growth and the development of various brands under our umbrella, they approached us to explore the possibility of using our print house as a venue partner.

They were organizing a bookbinding workshop and thought it would be unique to host it at the print house where books are made. They also planned to incorporate our OFFCUT materials into their workshosdfsdf 

Ahead of sustainability day, STPI joins forces with Allegro print house for a bookmaking workshop using offcut materials. Discover the printing process at Allegro, and learn how our partnership contributes to their sustainability initiatives.Participants will learn to create endpapers from an etched marbled copper plate and create a hardcover book!

Feel free to check out our Instagram account, where you can discover additional reels featuring the other sessions of the workshop.

5. OFFCUT x Designer Series

When OFFCUT was launched, our partners supported the initiative. While printing various creative projects, we noticed unavoidable waste and proposed collaborating with these creatives, who are also our partners. They readily agreed, resulting in the birth of an OFFCUT project within a project.

Cut The Crap Series = OFFCUT x Holycrap

Cut the Crap is a novel response by OFFCUT & Holycrap to reinterpret & make good of remant waste & discarded scraps for the book “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

Triangle Notepad = OFFCUT x Meantime

With a tailored book dimension, this book corner was supposed to be trimmed and thrown away. but instead we've turned it into a notepad.

Come together in a novel response to reduce paper waste by minimising actual offcuts in the book production of meantime issue #4.

These projects owe their existence to the invaluable support of the design community! Launched at SGABF in separate years, both initiatives received a warm reception. This also marks the pioneering effort of a printer venturing into collaboration with waste materials from the print house within a commercial project.

6. In-House Products (Seasonal + Limited Editions)


We engage in production only when there's surplus or excessive materials from projects, or when we're gearing up for the annual SGAF event, during which we typically unveil new products. Additionally, we may produce for special occasions such as the holiday season, particularly Christmas, offering special editions.

Here are some examples of these products:

For Oolors:

The very first product we created was 'In Time Planner: Stands the Test of Time' and we've launched it as a Kickstarter project in 2022.

  • $1,280 pledge of $12,000 goal + a total of 21 backers

Despite not meeting our Kickstarter goal, we chose to move forward with production. The offer from a Japanese paper merchant to test their water-repellent paper ignited the idea of creating our own product.

We saw this as an opportunity to delve into the material's unique properties, which would enable us to provide informed recommendations for future projects at Allegro Print. Thus, the inception of the In Time Planner was born.

We also used the chance to see what users liked and didn't like through testing. Check out more feedback about the In Time Planner here.

After doing the research, we found out that people liked certain things about the In Time Planner. But they thought the colors were too bright, and they asked for more subtle colours. That's why we came up with the undated planner. Featuring a Swiss bind, this hardcover book lays flat when opened, offering enhanced usability. Additionally, thanks to this binding method, our Unique flexi hardcover offers the flexibility to fold and utilize it in alternative ways. Furthermore, the cover doubles as a convenient writing board for added functionality.

P.S In Time Planner is currently low in stock, and we do not intend to restock it due to the introduction of the undated planner. Grab it while supplies last!

Much like OFFCUT, Oolors occasionally develops products in response to specific needs or requests from our collaborators.

The concept for the Oolors wrapping box stemmed from a request by our collaborator, who sought to introduce a distinctive product for the gifting season at the Pen to Paper pop-up event mentioned earlier in this blog post. After brainstorming, we developed this unique solution – the pattern was carefully designed to align seamlessly with the brand vibes of our collaborator.

Transitioning from passive print jobs to actively creating our own in-house products marks a significant milestone. It's hard work, but the growth is evident, and it opens doors for collaboration with kindred spirits both within and outside our industry.


For LayerPlay:

Even with our LayerPlay brand, we maintain the same ethos. Our extensive collaborations with global artists have inspired us to embark on our own creative ventures. This journey led to the development of our unique products, including the centrepiece, archpiece, and wall decals.

This led to collaborative campaigns, such as the one depicted in this Instagram reel, featuring LayerPlay x Sunday Bedding, a local lifestyle brand.



We've begun creating seasonal designs for our wall decals. For instance, we observed a lack of Chinese New Year decor with a modern touch, so we aimed to introduce a contemporary twist to these traditional decor products.

When creating in-house products, there is more creative freedom and flexibility. It leads to more experimentation, innovation, and satisfaction. Further, developing in-house products gives us a chance to explore new ideas, explore passion projects, and build our own unique brand identity.


It took some time to finish this article, but it serves as a valuable reminder of our achievements. That concludes Part 1, and we'll be back with Part 2 soon!


In the meantime, we appreciate your support by following all five of our brands on social media, as well as After*Print's Instagram account.


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